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Article VI: Agricultural Districts

650 Agricultural Districts 

The intent of the Agricultural District is to preserve, promote and protect the rural character of the land, including agricultural uses, significant natural features, wooded areas, the water courses, and to minimize erosion of soil, siltation, and pollution of streams and lakes. 

651 Farm-Oriented Agricultural District (A-1) 

The purpose of A-1 districts is to maintain the agricultural endeavors within the incorporated areas of Ohio County, until such land is ready and available for urban development. 

1.    Principal Permitted Uses 

       a. Land used exclusively for agricultural, farming, dairying, stock raising 

       b. Horticultural services  

       c. Hunting, trapping, wildlife refuge, forestry 

       d. Single family detached dwellings occupied by the owner or operator of the farm.

       e. Churches & cemeteries

2. Conditionally Permitted Uses 

      a. Non-profit or private facilities, such as schools, churches, cemeteries, libraries, parks 

      b. Hospitals, nursing homes, convalescent homes, rest homes, orphanages, rehabilitation homes 

      c. State approved sewage disposal plants 

      d. Airports and/or landing strips 

      e. Veterinarian clinics 

      f. Wireless transmitting stations 

      g. Municipal, county, state, and federal buildings 

      h. Agricultural home occupations 

      i. Recreational facilities, including playgrounds, golf courses, country clubs, sportsman's farms, riding stables, fishing lakes and private clubs 

3. Permitted Accessory Uses 

     a. Accessory uses in connection with agriculture, farming, dairying, stock raising or similar uses, such as tenant homes and single-family dwellings, for occupancy by full-time employees of the farm operation, agriculture structures, stables, and parking areas 

     b. Roadside stands offering for sale only agricultural products grown on the premises 

     c. Keeping of roomers or boarders by a resident family 

     d. Swimming pools and tennis courts for private use 

      e. Horse training track


Minimum lot area-5 acres 
Minimum width at building line-250' 
Minimum road frontage-100' 
Minimum front yard-75' from roadway pavement or public R-O-W Minimum side yard (each side)-20' 
Minimum rear yard-25' 
Maximum building height 36' or 3 stories 
Signs See Article XI 
Parking See Article X

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