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It shall be unlawful to commence the excavation for, or the construction of, or to commence the moving, alteration, or demolition of any building including accessory buildings, until the Administrative Officer has issued a building permit for such work. 

Building permits shall be required for all structures with a roof, as well as walls, patios, and decks. Trees or shrubbery that are planted with in twenty (20) feet of streets, roadways, or alleys will require a permit and must be in conformity with Article 810-6. 

No fee will be charged for permits involving trees or shrubbery. Dog houses with less than
18 square feet of floor area and less than 4 feet in height shall be exempt from building permit requirements, provided that all required yards and set-backs for accessory buildings are maintained, and provided that all dog houses with a related run or penned enclosures must obtain a permit.


NOTICE: The Hartford/Beaver Dam Joint Planning Commission encourages use of this site (www.occzoning.com). We hope you find it helpful and convenient. However please be aware of the following. 

The information presented may not include all recent changes. In the case of meeting warnings and agendas, note the last-update date, and call the Joint Planning Commission if you have questions. 

Minutes and other documents that may be available from this site are not Official copies and also may not include all recent changes. Official copies can be obtained by contacting the either the Hartford or Beaver Dam City Hall. 

Zoning information and related resources contained herein provide preliminary answers to basic zoning questions, but does not provide a full review under the Hartford/Beaver Dam Joint Planning ordinance.  While, many zoning questions can be answered with a phone call to the Joint Planning Commission, most zoning and building permit permit applicants, or their representatives, should plan on visiting the Hartford/Beaver Dam Joint Planning Commission office to get proper and complete review of their application.

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